CVS partnered up with Flying Dog Brewery on their release of Bee Beer
Flying Dog will hand out purple coneflower seed packets (sourced from Chesapeake Valley Seed in Savage) at the brewery to coincide Bee Beer's release. The purple coneflower is the best pollinator plant for the area, so Tarnow hopes, regardless of how cu

Government Pledges $3.2 Million to Help Monarch Butterfly
The federal government pledged $3.2 million on Monday to help save the monarch butterfly, the iconic orange-and-black butterfly that can migrate thousands of miles between the U.S. and Mexico each year.

New Turf, Sod and Reclamation Seed Company Serving Mid-Atlantic Region
SAVAGE, Md. (August 16, 2013) – Chesapeake Valley Seed has announced the founding of the company and the opening of their new commercial distribution center at 8869 Greenwood Place Suite C in Savage, Maryland on August 1st, 2013.